It’s because they brew it double strength. Yes, that’s why! I asked a good friend last night, Mr. Kent Downer, who is the coffee geek extraordinaire.

He explained that they have to brew it double strength so that when they pour it on ice it melts to the right consistency. Makese sense to me. He says it still ends up being a stronger cup of coffee than drip. Interesting though!

Here is a different take from Forbes Magazine.

This page backs up Kents claim that it is brewed double strength.

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  1. and there’s iced coffee, and then there’s “toddy” iced coffee…two different beasts…we serve toddy brewed iced coffee at CounterCulture Café, which takes 10-12 hours to brew…it is roughly double-strength, as other iced coffees, but it’s far smoother in taste, and pretty heavy on the caffeine content.

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