It’s not that surprising. The Sola Coffee Bar location has been serving Cartel’s beans ever since they opened in November, 2009. There have been rumors they were looking for a buyer, and it’s great to hear they will be staying open.

On the Cartel Coffee Lab Facebook page and on Twitter, they wrote:

Hey Everyone! We are open in Scottsdale in the current Sola Coffee Bar location! We will be closing down this weekend until Sept 7th when we open as an official Cartel Coffee Lab. Then Friday Sept 9 we are having a big grand opening bash! Come see us at 7124 E 5th Avenue and stay tuned for more info.

Cartel Coffee Lab (Old Town Scottsdale)
7124 E 5th Avenue
Scottsdale, AZ 85251

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  1. And this could be a whole post on it’s own: I think the ‘Lab’ inclusion in the name does amazing things for Cartel. Everybody likes to be a part of the cutting edge, and have you ever seen a ‘Lab’ that isn’t on the cutting edge?

    I recall first hearing about Cartel back when it opened in Tempe, and I thought it was just some guys experimental lab before I visited.

    What I’m curious about, is whether business will increase at Sola. What do you think? It always looked a little slow to me, so I’m curious to see what happens, and what changes they make.

  2. Wow, they sure have expanded! I remember when they hardly had any seating at their Tempe location.

    I’m glad the Sola Coffee location will be staying open. I visited them back in March of last year. Downtown scottsdale ought to have at least one good independent coffee house!

  3. Chris,

    I think business will increase, a lot.

    Funny that you should mention the “Lab” part of their branding. A tech company with an office in Boulder just added “Labs” to their name.

  4. Mulch Coffee’s moving in a mile away later this year, too.

  5. austinmiles

    I spoke with Jason about this a few months back. It would be really hard to NOT see an increase in the numbers there. Some good stuff going down in scottsdale that has been missing for a while.

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