This is a new one. Of all of the things to go “green,” the roasting of coffee was one of the few that I expected. Nevertheless, a team of people have found a way and it is called solar roasted coffee.

Springwise provides some of the background:

Based in Pueblo, Colorado, Solar Roast Coffee uses only 100% organic or fair trade coffee beans. Their special solar-powered roasting technique ensures the least impact on the environment. Not just a regular roaster powered by solar panels, Solar Roast’s Helios 2.0 catches rays of sunshine directly on a drum roaster filled with beans. The roaster is capable of reaching temperatures upwards of 550 degrees Fahrenheit, and swivels and tilts allowing it to track the sun throughout the day. No fossil fuels are burned to heat the beans, and no electric connection is needed to power the roaster’s fans and motors. The result? Likely the most earth-friendly coffee available on the market—and one the owners are hoping will be a hit with consumers.

Thanks to Tomas for sending this link to me.


Arizona Coffee

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  1. mikeftrevino

    I wonder how temperature stable this system is? I mean adding 30lbs green coffee beans to a hot drum cools it down dramatically. So maybe i should be asking, how powerful is the solar panels? Then on top of that how consistent can it roast? Will it roast cooler on cloudy days (Long roasts on cloudy days and very short roast on clear sunny days)? Will you be able to roast during monsoon season? We strive for consistency in the cup in this industry. To rely on this machine to do that when it relies on one of the most inconsistent things we live with, the weather, seems like not such a wise decision. Maybe as a back up roaster on “good” days it might be worth it.

  2. Those are all good points Mike, I would guess that those are all correct, and they’re doing it mostly for the publicity aspect.

  3. The solar thermal coffee roasters are very heat consistent. Once the roaster heats up, the roasting drum stays at a consistent temperature throughout the day. Much like a gas roaster, the temperature does drop when 30lbs of green are dropped into the drum. However, the second charge is quick, with temperatures leveling back at the desired temperature.

    It seems that with all new things, there are those who are naysayers. With this project, we have moved to a sunny city, with a dependable FREE ENERGY SOURCE. The sun is brilliant, and the coffee is great.

  4. mikeftrevino

    Michael Hartkop, I think your roaster is amazing. on a boutique scale I’m sure it wows the consumer. It wows me and I like to see it in action.
    I’m just having a very hard time imagining it working on a larger scale and in situations where consistency are needed from roast to roast over years.