Have you been to the new Songbird Coffee & Tea House? They’ve recently relocated a few blocks away and are now in an old home on 3rd Street that was built in 1904.

The coffee is just as good as before, and I must say I was impressed with my cappuccino, pictured here. Top notch job and very flavorful.


Songbird’s coffee is all roasted locally by Cortez Coffee, out of Tempe.


Donuts and baked goods are from Treehouse Bakery. The tea is from Maya Tea Company, based in Tucson. I presume they’ll be bringing their waffles back on weekends.

The new location features original wood flooring from the early 1900s, original stained glass above the front door, and high ceilings that feature new wood paneling.


Jonathan Carroll, the founder and co-owner, was on hand when I visited last Thursday, and gave me the grand tour. He and his wife Erin founded Songbird Coffee a few years ago. I captured some video, which I’ll post at a future date.

Songbird Coffee has a really cool wood sign that appropriately hangs in a tree in the front of the building. Picnic tables, and wood lounge chairs are scattered around the front yard.


The interior is small, but comfortable. There are two main rooms. The front room is all lounge and features a long bench and tables along one wall. There are other tables situated facing a fireplace.


Walk into the back room and place your order at the new bar. There is more seating, along with a large couch in this back room.


Parking is interesting. I didn’t know about the parking lot behind the building when I visited, and ended up parking on the street just north of Songbird. I think it was Garfield. It gave me a chance to perfect my mad parallel parking skills. But, when you visit you should know that there’s a parking lot available directly behind the building and it is free.


While the fireplace isn’t that useful in the summertime, they’ve aded some personal decorations on the mantle, including a painting of Jonathan at the beach. Jonathan tells me they have new artwork arriving soon on a rotational basis. They’re also booking music for weekends.


Their old location featured a really long custom shelf, and they’re bringing that back to this location very soon.

The next time you find yourself in Phoenix, stop in and visit the folks at Songbird Coffee & Tea House! Try the cappuccino, you won’t be disappointed!


Songbird Coffee & Tea House
812 North Third Street
Phoenix AZ 85004
Twitter: @songbirdcoffee

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