Sozo Coffeehouse

Some friends from church recently told me about SoZo Coffeehouse, a new shop that recently opened in Chandler. It is located at the southwest corner of Alma School & Warner.

It’s mission is described as “coffee with a cause,” and is just one more valley coffee house that is giving profits back to the community. It is run by a church in the Chandler area, and they hold worship services there on Sunday.

SoZo Coffeehouse
1982 N. Alma School Rd.
Chandler, AZ 85224
Phone: (480) 726-SOZO
Twitter: @SoZoCoffeehouse

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  1. Hey Chris! I don’t know if you ever took me up on my offer to invite you to come enjoy our coffee experience, but we’d love to invite you in, and see how serious we take providing the best all around product and service means to us. Our treat of course..bring a friend or two and lets party caffeine! We are also a sought after local music scene with free shows every weekend, full stage, and for the parents out there a fully enclosed playroom open every morning. In anycase…I’m following you now on Twitter. email me to make a guest visit. I’d love your feedback! (to answer Brian’s questions…Cartel is our Roaster)

  2. Lori, thanks for the follow up. I’ve been over to SoZo several times, but always in a rush… some friends live nearby. I’ll say hi next time I’m in, and plan to do a profile on the site soon.