Perry Czopp shared this video with me, and it’s worth a watch. Its only 12 minutes long and discusses some of the things coffee roasters are doing in California. The video shares interviews with roasters and their process for getting coffee on store shelves.

Perry noted: “What they don’t cover is the impact of coffee rust, or roya, on Central America which is currently happening in countries like Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras. Production in this region is said to decrease by four million bags of green coffee.”

Arizona Coffee

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  1. The same place Perry got this video (Sprudge) they DO cover the issues that are currently in place. IN respects to >>Perry adds???? I guess my point is why would you put these types of things (rust) in this video anyway?? Lets talk about great chicken dishes from 3 restaurants but add the major out break of salmonella in a region they grow chickens????

  2. Jason Casale

    Speciality coffee should never be on grocers shelves this is a death sentence for all coffee and dis respectable to those who worked so hard to pick process and ship that coffee.
    Being on a grocers shelves should never be the goal of any speciality coffee roaster who cares

    This is counter intuitive.