Thank you for your interest in sponsoring Arizona Coffee!

Banner Ad placement (Right Sidebar) – Advertising on Arizona Coffee places your message in front of thousands of coffee consumers, baristas, coffee house owners, and enthusiasts every month. Your advertisement appear on every page of the site.

Where else besides Arizona Coffee can you reach this audience? This is a very targeted audience in Arizona. The site focuses on the entire state, with emphasis on the metro Phoenix area — because that’s where I live. We also have a broad audience outside of Arizona.

All advertisements must meet my approval, and I reserve the right to edit or reject any advertisement for any reason. You must provide your own banner (175 x 175 pixels JPG or GIF), or I can design one for you.

Please contact Chris Tingom to inquire. Call (602) 538-9120 or email me for details including terms / conditions, and pricing.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. we’ll do a year contract for a right sidebar ad.
    let me know what format to make the ad in. thanks, sean

  2. Would like to also know what format and size restrictions you have.

  3. Caitlin

    How many unique monthly visitors to your site do you get?

  4. Caitlin, please email chris (at), thank you!