I am looking for ideas on how we can spread the word about our little community. I’d like to get the word to a larger audience. I know there are thousands of people out there that visit coffee shops daily, and don’t know about Arizona Coffee. How can we get them here?

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Chris, when folks send you to post information regarding thier shops, you can ask them to consider reciprocating by either adding a link to their web sites which might help improve an already good AZ-Coffee page rank, or maybe ask them to post in on their bulletin boards like some places have.

  2. invest $50 or so bucks on some of those really sweet postcards from http://printsmadeeasy.com/postcards.html or a similar resource to place in local shops/houses/hot spots or to just hand out.

    but first have a contest of sorts where the AZCoffee peeps design the postcards and then the winner gets a… a… uh… hmm… how about a $10 or something gift cert to their favorite beanery? I don’t know, $75 investment in a blog w/o roi financially (that I know of, at least) may not be the best way to go.

    there’s my non-invest-able 2 cents – lol

  3. Wow, that site is very unique. I’m still trying to figure out the monkey. I have used Overnight Prints quite a number of times in the past.

  4. Flyers.. lots and lots of flyers.

    SWAG never hurts either. Maybe it’s time to get serious about the AZC products?

  5. I like Victor’s idea. Better yet – try and host some “Meet Chris” days at different coffee shops. These would be a good place to sell shwag, or hand out AZCoffee stickers for customers’ thermal mugs. So Jason’s idea was good too.

    But let’s avoid wasting more paper, hey?

  6. Sonja

    I think you should join the coffee club at http://coffee.meetup.com/cities/us/az/phoenix/.
    I belong to this group..it is free to sign up and then the organizer sends invites and they try a new coffee spot every week or so. If you join the group then you can spread the word about this website, plus do research and meet new people…Just a suggestion.

  7. Great ideas everybody. I think I’ll do a combination of what Jason suggests, and the post card idea. Something nice and inexpensive, but nice.

    Brian (bs) thanks for your ideas. I’m willing to throw some money at the solution in exchange for more traffic any day.

  8. You could either make stickers for folks’ mugs, or even bite the bullet and have some mugs made, a design contest could produce the layout. In smaller runs, some of those thermal mugs wouldn’t be too expensive, and you could always require a pre-order from us so you don’t lose your shirt.

    Which brings up another idea – have some t-shirts made, and sell them on the site. Come up with a cool design that folks would wear and others would be exposed to the web address without even knowing it. If you have that kind of pull, maybe you could come up with a deal like Harkin’s Theaters does, offering a small discount on your beverage if you’re wearing an AZC shirt.

    FWIW, I link to you on my site, and all I do is drink it. I’m sure others would do the same. Maybe develop a small sidebar banner folks could swipe?

  9. Hi Joe, thank you for the link to Arizona Coffee!

    Stickers is a great idea. Those are fun, easy to hand out, and can be stuck to all kinds of things.

    So here’s the inexpensive stuff I’m thinking about:

    1. Stickers
    2. Business cards (not your normal ones, but ones that can be left around)
    3. Flyers / mailers
    4. Maybe a t-shirt but it would be sad to print 50 and sell 5 which happens all too-often

  10. try to find out how many would buy a T. i’m in for one. any other takers? granted, they may be about $25 a piece (unless you got the sweet hookup!), lets just make sure they’re not those 100% beefy T’s that fat albert could swim in. i hate those promo T’s. get some vintage stock T’s or something…