Starbucks Gossip is holding a spirited debate about the Starbucks refill policy. The debate surrounds the topic that people try to scam Starbucks by bringing in old cups.

Up until last week I didn’t even know about the refill policy. I suppose I should have wondered. I can’t find much information online about the policy, however from reading I understand you can expect a refill to consist of drip coffee and cost between nothing and 50 cents. You can usually get a refill no matter what you originally ordered.

Here’s to many refills and a great 2006!

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  1. vman

    I just asked if I could get a refill, without asking about their policy, and the barrista said ‘sure’ and took my cup. when he came back he then mentioned that it would be 55 cents, but the manager, that was standing nearby, promptly said ‘don’t worry about it.’ I think it should be a policy that they post a prominent sign stating a refill policy, or just give refills to all who ask. especially since a lot of people spend more than an hour or two in the store working, or meeting with clients, etc.

  2. Caveman

    This morning, the day after Christmas, as I went back for a refill (my cup I washed out from day before) the righteous little arss behind the counter embarrassingly announced, “Just a reminder, refills are only for 1 day!” I had an answer ready for him, but chose to bite my tongue, as many people greet & like me in this Starbucks & know that I am waiting on money. So, where is the SIGN anyway?

  3. Neil Hampshire

    I think what they should do is just keep giving free coffee with those who have a registered card just to help others with high unemployment or underemployment. Starbucks should just be there to help out the people

  4. My understanding of Starbucks refill policy is 1 refill for the price of $0.55 within 1hr of the original purchase. I asked my local store and they did mention as long as you don’t go beyond the “property line” (lobby and patio) then you’re good. You can get a refill on hot/iced coffee, hot/iced tea but NOT iced tea lemonades (my favorite). They don’t have a sign but damn it how hard is it to just ask?

  5. I bought a Starbucks cup and a registered several gift cards. I was told when I purchased the cup that refills with a registerd gift card would be 53 cents. I have been doing that for over a year. I went to a new Starbucks today and a very rude employee told me that I had to pay full price. It did not matter to him that I purchased several cards and several cups. Why doesn’t Starbucks have the policy displayed in the stores???? Seems like each store does its own thing!