As you walk in to Steve’s Espresso, the words “Live graciously, be kind, have fun” greet you on the front door.

Steve’s Espresso is a small coffee shop and cafe/bakery in Tempe, AZ and it has been in business since 2004. The founder is Steven Schmidt, and as you can tell he named the shop after himself. They serve breakfast, lunch and baked goods all day long as well as coffee.

The last time I reviewed Steve’s Espresso was in 2008, which is completely unacceptable. A friend recently asked about coffee shops in Tempe and I said “have you been to Steve’s Espresso” and they had never heard of it. Despite the fact that it is about 5 minutes away from their home.

Steve’s Espresso is located in a strip mall on Baseline Rd. They serve up quality mochas, and your traditional coffee drinks. They also offer a variety of blended drinks and baked goods which they prepare in house.

Here are some photos I captured on a recent visit to Steve’s Espresso.

Mocha from Steve’s Espresso

When I took this picture, pumpkin spice was back in season

Exterior entrance

The menu at Steve’s Espresso

Getting there

Steve’s Espresso
1801 E. Baseline Rd.
Suite 102
Tempe, AZ 85281
Phone: (480) 777-5373

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