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Steve from Steve’s Espresso sent me an email yesterday to let me know about some of the cool things they are doing. If you’ve never been to Steve’s Espresso, you should definitely check it out. It’s in Tempe, and one distinctive thing they do is they French Press all of their coffee (no drip coffee).

Steve added:

Last September we put in a small kitchen to bring our baking in house. We’ve still got muffins and scones, but some new additions are biscotti, flourless organic peanut butter cookies and snicker doodles. There are some savory choices too. Stuffed Brioche: Egg, Bacon & Cheese, Sundried Tomato, Ham or Turkey & Cheese, and others. These have been very popular. They are easy to eat on the go, warm up nicely in the microwave and are tasty at room temperature too. Another main item is our Frittata, similar to a quiche but with no crust. They all have potatoes & onions and include choices like Bacon & Jalapeno, Broccoli & Cheese, and Ham & Cheese. They’re also very popular to go items and can be warmed up in the little recycled paper boxes we put them in.

We’ve been making our own vanilla for quite some time and are currently working on our chocolate sauce recipe. No matter how premium and natural chocolate sauces claim to be they all have some nasty preservatives and almost always some partially hydrogenated oil. Basically, we can make a better product in house that is truly natural.

Try an Arnold Palmer made with our own frozen lemonade, or our house made granita.

Thanks for the update, Steve!

Steve’s Espresso
1801 E Baseline Rd.
Ste. 102
Tempe, AZ 85283
Phone: (480) 777-5373

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