Ok, after all of this heated debate (ok, more of a friendly exchange), we need a fun site with some videos that rant against the Evil Empire. 🙂 It’s rare that such a cool, amazing, and refined web site is produced, but the new Storyville web site is exactly that. The detail put into this web site, from the superb videos to the cool homepage city corner graphic make it happen.

Be sure to watch the videos. The first one labeled “The Truth” is a silent rant against Starbucks, which roasts coffee dark. Quite humorous and well executed.

Thanks to Jason Kirtley for sending this one in.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. That’s fantastic! Polish your chops Chris, we need to get working on RCR’s new website after the first of the year!

  2. Karen m.

    wow. all i can say is, amazing, creative, innovative, spectacular. just love it.

  3. Thanks so much for the post up here, and the wonderful comments about the site. We put a lot of thought into it. We all agree that the videos steal the show – they do a great job of telling the story about the company (and at poking some fun at big coffee).