We had a great time over at Copper Star Coffee this afternoon, if you missed it — you really missed out! We sampled some new carbonated espresso beverages (which actually are quite tasty) and we even had a big cake to celebrate!

Thanks to everyone who made it out! Steve, Victor, Melanie, Bill, and others.

Special thanks go out to Bill Sandweg (owner of Copper Star Coffee) who baked an amazing cake for our party. It even had candles! They bake all of their goods in house, and it was delicious.

At the same time as all of this was going on, the 7th Ave Merchants Association was holding their annual street fair. The streets were closed off to traffic, and many classic cars were on show for the afternoon.

A customer inside Copper Star Coffee.

Bill from Red Rock Foods was nice enough to bring some new products to sample. We all enjoyed sampling some carbonated espresso drinks. This one is called BibiCaffè.

Contact Red Rock Foods if you are interested in any of these drinks. This one is called Manhattan Special.

Some of the interesting topics we talked about were:

  • Coffee shop sales trends for hot AZ summers — some coffee shops see massive sales declines, especially the ones with few summer drinks.
  • We talked about which kinds of summer drinks are the best: Toddy coffee and other iced coffee methods were discussed, and even blended drinks. Lux has some popular home made lemonaide that I need to go and try, and I understand they make a drink out of Dr Pepper and a shot of espresso (sounds interesting).
  • We talked about Millikan, Bill’s dog which is named after Robert A. Millikan.
  • We talked about some of the future plans for Arizona Coffee (and marketing the site to consumers).
  • We enjoyed some drinks (BibiCaffè and Manhattan Special).

Thanks again everyone for 2 great years…

Arizona Coffee

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  1. I’m glad to hear that the B-Day party was a blast! I wish Arizona-Coffee continued success in the months to come!

  2. karen m.

    glad to hear you all had fun! wish i could have met everyone.

  3. Happy B-day AZ Coffee! Sorry I couldn’t make it but I had a full day yesterday.

  4. Pierce

    I am glad that the celebration went well: unfortunately I was unable to attend due to a pre-existing commitment to Globe’s 100 year gala.

    I finally met Austin @ Vida e Caffe and we both chuckled at both of us missing one another online on your website, Chris. 🙂

    Needless to say: both of us wished you well at Copper Star Coffee.

  5. Steve Kessler

    Thanks for the time Chris, it was fun. I’m glad you liked the espresso soda’s. By the way, who made those cookies? They were incredible.

  6. Don’t forget to mention the awesome pastries Steve brought. I didn’t know he had a bent for baking (did I say that right? 🙂

    Looking forward to another get-together. Discussions like the ones that took place are a great thing for promoting specialty coffee in AZ.

  7. Sounds like fun. I really wish i could have made it, but on the other side Vida had its biggest day ever.

    Pierce it was good to meet you. And next AZ Coffee event i am going to be there.

  8. Thanks everyone! This reminds me of how much I need to drive out to Globe.