So it’s really summertime. I think it was 115 degrees outside today.

What are some summertime drinks you’re enjoying? Has there even been any innovation in iced beverages lately? Sure, our friends at *$ have their banana drinks, but I don’t like banana’s. Have all of the independent coffee shops outsourced summertime drinks? It feels like all they’re selling is iced mocha’s.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. In the summer time, there is nothing quite like an iced Americano made with a fairly bright espresso blend. Cold, refreshing, and no dairy to conflict with the heat.

  2. MikeFTrevino

    As far as iced drinks go I’m a Toddy kinda guy. With that said I still mostly drink either a hot drip coffee or a dopio multiple times a day followed by gallons of water. Due to unexplainable circumstances, I’m the worlds first and last successful gerbel bladder transplant recipient. Needless to say I visit the lavatory many times a day.

  3. Austin

    For as much as I love coffee I have to say that I live and die by the iced mocha. Thats what I started with and I cant say i get tired of it. Except few people make them proper enough to not melt.