Are any coffee shops bringing in a big screen TV for the “big game” on Sunday?

What are you doing on Sunday?

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Austin

    My new boss is having a superbowl party in his multi-million dollar home. I think we are going to stop by so my wife can meet and greet everybody.

    Something about an 80 plasma screen as well.

  2. journeys is hosting a “big game” party… the superbowl word is copyrighted, we have 3 42″ flat panels so we are going to be kicking the game out

  3. Josh

    Superbowl and Coffee… Well… It is out of this planet… I think, all coffee houses should close early and enjoy a family activity around the superbowl, or not!
    PD. I will see you at the bar on Sunday!

  4. Pierce/Bear

    Avoiding the crowds (I live in S Scottsdale) tomorrow; sticking close to home 🙂

  5. hb

    I will be at the game, too bad they don’t have coffee at the game.

  6. hb

    I will be at the game, too bad they don’t have good coffee at the game.