Quick informal survey here. What are the lines you hear from customers that just want to make you roll your eyes, and reach out and smack them.

Let em fly.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. I wish I’d made a list of these. I always had a tendency to forget before the end of the shift.

    But if by “one-liners”, you mean harrassment type comments, I don’t have many of those racked up.

  2. Todd

    I seem to remember something about someone asking for the best coffee shop for paninnis………

  3. Todd

    I seem to remember something about someone asking for the best coffee shop for paninis………

  4. There are so many good verses the bad comments in a “barista shift” that you tend to forget the bad by the end of a shift….but here is my most “eye rolling” I always smile and act like it is a “good one” “do you have the Starbucks carmel macchiato?” ..a sigh…a smile…a silent thought…”well it is a carmel and vanilla latte?? if we didn’t have that, we probably wouldn’t be a coffee shop….count to three, two, one and friendly yes we do have the Starbucks carmel macchiato!…smile does anybody really think that we do not have a carmel and vanilla latte anywhere at any coffee shop??

  5. I never said “yes”.

    And people never asked if we had the “Starbucks Caramel Macchiato”.. people would ask for a caramel macchiato like it was an industry standard. Quite insulting.

    I’d say, “we do not.. that’s a Starbucks drink, but I can make you a weak vanilla latte macchiato with caramel on top if you want”.

    Education.. it can be a smack in the head sometimes, but it’s better than allowing the ignorance to roam free.

  6. joshua morris

    Oldie but goodie……..
    I’d like a cappuccino……..no foam

  7. There are plenty from coffee shops mostly based on ignorance, but the most memorable one-liner was working at CompUSA in high school.

    I offered this guy a two year service plan, and he replied, “I’m 82 years old. I don’t even buy green bananas.”

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