Over the weekend Helen Yung emailed me to let me know about their new ice cream shop which also sells coffee! How exciting. She tells me they are “featuring ‘More Than Fair’ coffee from Café Cortez. Our coffee-based treats include Sumatra Espresso Shot ice cream, Java Brownie Sundae, Java Jolt shake, Cafe Americano and Iced Coffee, made with espresso freshly pulled over ice.”

Sweet Republic is a proudly independent artisan ice cream shop located at 9160 E Shea Blvd (at the NW corner of E Shea and 92nd St, behind Bank of America). Our store also provides free Wi-Fi access and comfortable seating in an eco-friendly modern retro space, which you can see in one of the attached photos. More details can be found on our website: www.sweetrepublic.com.

The following photos were provided by Helen Yung:

Arizona Coffee

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  1. “Cafe Americano and Iced Coffee, made with espresso freshly pulled over ice.”

    So, I’m guessing that this place has more emphasis on coffee than Dunkin, but only just. Is the kit superauto? I could be wrong, but there is a pretty strong agreement amongst the gurus of the bean that you shouldn’t pull espresso directly over ice.
    Don’t believe me, or them. Go pull a coupla shots for americano. Pull one over the ice and add water, and pull the other into a cup and add water and then ice.

    The one over ice is bitter, isn’t it?

  2. Psyd, you definitely pay attention to detail. You are absolutely right. The presentation looks great and the ice cream and flavorings more than eliminate any bitterness though, I’m sure.

  3. Hello Everybody. The amount of care that this girls put on their products is just amazing. Does not surprise me becouse both of them are professional chefs. they sampled many many coffees and decided on a single estate Jasa Bumi (Sumatra) that we get for them and they brew on a fetco although as an ice cream shop sometimes they brew as espresso. The coffee you all have to be the judge please come by and ask for a shot of espresso over vanilla.

  4. What a cool place, that I didn’t know existed, and practically in my back yard. I’m definitely on a quest to get over there soon.

  5. Victor, I’m sure that the ice cream and flavorings will cure the bitterness issue in any drink that contains them, but something tells me that an iced americano shouldn’t contain either. And simply pulling the shot, adding the water, and pouring that over ice will solve the bitterness problem.
    Like I said, there is absolutely no reason that anyone should take my word for it. I’m just some guy that likes cappuccino. Taste for yourself, If you can’t tell the difference, ignore me.
    But if a simple change in the order in which you add ingredients will make the product better, why wouldn’t you change?
    If they’re both chefs, then they’ll both understand that the order in which ingredients are added can be really important to the end-product, and they’ll try both and use the one they think has the best results.
    But first, they have to care. Far too little of that in the coffee world nowadays. Here’s hoping that they are as meticulous as advertised!

  6. Larry

    Psyd, if you are calling for a simple change in order, I would suggest pouring the water then adding or “floating” the shot.
    This is the preferred way to prepare an Americano which now can be poured over ice.

  7. Yahsure, man, but pretty much anything is preferablen to pulling the shots onto the ice. I’ve tried espresso, water, then ice; and water, espresso, then ice, and they both tasted about the same. The difference is that I can see the shots if I pull those dry and then add the water. I’m sure that I could get used to what shots are supposed to look like getting pulled into the water itself, but I don’t pull enough americano to make that sort of effort. Yep, I’m lazy! ; >