SWLACHold the date — September 3, 2011 will be a fun day to head up to the Phoenix Cooks event in Phoenix and join the 2nd Annual Southwest Latte Art Competition.

Event hosts Brian Clemens and Steve Kraus are hosting this event along with a number of local and regional sponsors.

There will be two major elements to the show:

  1. A brew bar — featuring a volunteer crew from local coffee professionals, showcasing techniques and equipment for brewing coffee (highlighting V60, Siphon, Chemex, & Clever)
  2. A latte art competition — 32 competitors competing for a grand prize of $500.

The show will be held from 9am to 3 pm at the JW Marriot at Desert Ridge, at 5350 E. Marriot Dr., Phoenix, Arizona 85054.

Check out www.swlac.com for all of the details, and to register. They’ve also set up a Twitter profile. See you there!

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  1. Psyd

    Are there hotel room deals that have been made? I’d love to come up, but I’m not sure that I’m gonna want to drive back after all that that evening. A place to crash that isn’t gonna cost me a hunnert bucks, but is close to the event, would be a great thing. JW down here does corp room rates at 70, off season, for participants. Anyone chatted with them yet?

  2. I would like to give a shout to all arizona baristas that are participating in this competition and let you all know that you guys are going to make that event a huge success, we got talent in town, let’s showed off. looking forward to see what you all got.

  3. For the ones that asked for the entry fee for the competition is $30 and we at Cortez Coffee will like to help by covering it to any local competitor that is having a hard time with summer wages (we know how rough it gets during this months) just copy the registration form to me before you pay and we will arrange payment to Brian Clemmens.