I found this great video from the SWLAC featuring Steve Kraus (of Press Coffee Roasters) explaining the difficulties in pouring latte art. Several valley baristas make appearances.

Video credit: Angela Muniz

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Psyd

    Symmetry is overrated.
    Steve, great input, but I got lost on a coupla points. I’ve seen baristi pouring art after two weeks of training.
    And the ‘two types of art’? Were only two kinds of images allowed in competition, or were you referring to free-pour vs etching? I mighta missed an important bit somewhere in the middle back there, but could you clarify what that comment referred to?
    Cheers, thanks!

  2. steve

    I was caught off guard on the interview and some nerves kicked in…so I wasn’t very smooth to say the least. However, from my experience over the past 3 years, it does take and individual about a year to really master pouring latte art…free pour, etching which I’m not a fan off and clearly far easier to do was not accepted at this competition. I had seen Rosettas and Tulips being presented the most, as I normally do in most shops, so I stated the “2” instead of clarifying there are multiple kinds i.e. rosettas, hearts, tulips, swans, phoenix…etc etc, which were all excepted…Hopefully this makes sense….

    Thanks Angela….great video!