Jason Calhoon takes home 1st prize in the Latte Art Competition! Second place went to Jaime from Las Vegas and third was Charlie from Flagstaff! There were 24 competitors total. This photo was Jason’s winning entry from the final round.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Denny Robert

    Looks cool, but I’m curious… by what criteria is latte art judged?

  2. Congrats Jason!!

    @Denny, below are the criteria for this year’s SWLAC competition. Judges were “dialed in” and calibrated to the same standards before the competition began.

    Competition Grading Criteria:
    1. Aesthetic Beauty
    2) Definition
    3) Color Infusion

    Under each of these criteria there was more specific guidelines and a grading scale.

    Chris, Todd, and Ron — thank you for taking time out of your weekend to judge!