I learned that the SWRBC for 2010 has been canceled by the BGA due to lack of sponsorship funding. It’s too bad because it was going to be a great event.

Jason Silberschlag, the regional rep for the BGA, told me on Tuesday that he is hoping to organize a day or two of training for anyone that is interested. He said that could mean bringing experts from outside of Arizona, depending on interest. If you’re interested, I suggest that you follow up with him.

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  1. Psyd

    Well… that sucks.

    I’ve offered a lot of help, but never got the call. I wonder how much (or what) he was short?

  2. I think the rumor is the SCAA ran out of funds and all the donations and things didn’t come in on Az side.

  3. Brian Clemens

    Let’s just say we’re not the only region not having a regional competition. Northeast was canceled as well. Too much funding was required from local sources whereas normal conditions it’s a fair split between local and national (SCAA). We’re working on something in place of the regional for the baristas here in AZ.

  4. Truly sad to hear this. What a shame. What was the local donation pool like? Who was kicking in? We’re local shops and roasters being approached and saying “no”? I would love to see the scene get a real boost for the better. We’re pulling for ya here in the Great Lakes region!! On a side note….anyone from here going to the SCAA show in April?

  5. Steve, from what I understand it was more of a national decision rather than a local one.

  6. Planning an event like that is huge (as you know well, Steve!) and really takes at least six months to put together. I think that’s what SCAA recommends as minimum lead time. The only thing I found for certain is that when it comes to donors and sponsors, nothing is certain until the $$ is in hand.

  7. Steve,

    I plan on going to the SCAA if I can line up the funding. Going to be a great event.