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Ten Years

Celebrating Ten Years of Publishing!

Today, Arizona Coffee is celebrating ten successful years online! This site began as a humble little list of coffee shops, which I then expanded to cover coffee news across the state. My first post on Arizona Coffee was on March 26, 2005. It wasn’t much. More of an announcement. Somehow, the site grew and became

Introducing the Redesigned Arizona Coffee

New look! The old design of Arizona Coffee was launched in 2005, which is a long time. A really long time! I’ve been planning a redesign of this site for almost that entire time, and especially over the last few years. The old design really held up well over the years, and was flexible. But, times

Third Wave

I generally liked the article in The Arizona Republic about Third Wave coffee movement, but had a few thoughts on it. Overall, it is nice to see some local coffee shops getting some mainstream press. The term Third Wave was coined in 2002 by Trish Rothgeb to define coffee that aspires to the highest form of