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Breakfast and Coffee at Altitude Coffee Lab

Ever have that feeling where you’ve just spent an hour cleaning the kitchen and don’t feel like doing any more dishes? That happened to me, so we went out to coffee and breakfast! We ended up at Altitude Coffee Lab over in Scottsdale, AZ. We often end up here, probably due to the proximity to

A visit to Crepe Bar

I had the recent good luck to be in Tempe, AZ and visit the esteemed Crepe Bar for the first time. Many of you may have visited Crepe Bar before, but for those that haven’t, let me introduce the scene: Think amazing coffee, and then throw in awesome crepes. That’s the experience at Crepe Bar,

Snapshots from a recent visit to Altitude Coffee Lab

On a recent Saturday morning we found ourselves at Altitude Coffee Lab for breakfast. We’ve been over here a couple of times for breakfast, and one reason is because it’s close to this awesome walkway along Lake Marguerite in Scottsdale. It’s just a fun place to take the family for a quick Saturday stroll. Anyways, we’ve been