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Royal Coffee Bar in Tempe

Tempe is really turning into a coffee epicenter. It seems there are more and more coffee shops opening in Tempe, including the just recently opened Royal Coffee Bar. Well, it actually opened last fall. I visited recently because… coffee. And, I really loved my visit! They served me an exceptional cappuccino in a swanky, urban

The Henry Coffee Bar: XV

Over the weekend I discovered The Henry Coffee Bar: XV. I haven’t visited, but check out these photos! What a lovely interior. I take it they’re serving mostly breakfast / lunch options, with a variety of options. They’re one of the few coffee shops in Phoenix that has a “Flat White” on the menu (although I’m

Snapshots from a recent visit to Altitude Coffee Lab

On a recent Saturday morning we found ourselves at Altitude Coffee Lab for breakfast. We’ve been over here a couple of times for breakfast, and one reason is because it’s close to this awesome walkway along Lake Marguerite in Scottsdale. It’s just a fun place to take the family for a quick Saturday stroll. Anyways, we’ve been

Good places to get work done

I know there’s a special contingent of readers who visit coffee houses primarily to get work done. I’ve been a member of this class in the past — I admit to having been a laptop warrior in the past, it’s a big reason I started this site. So I think I know enough about what