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Rayner’s Chocolate & Coffee Shop

Special thanks to Kelsey Sederstrom for contributing this article and photographs. Kelsey is a freelance writer from Phoenix, AZ. It is truly a treat to visit one of my ultimate favorite coffee places, Rayner’s Chocolate & Coffee Shop, as it is on the far west side of the valley. Rayner’s was recommended to me by


Have a great day everyone! National Coffee Day was a fun day for me! I personally only visited one shop that day, which was Press Coffee. I had a meeting that say, and took the opportunity to visit and conduct my meeting there.

MistoBox Web Site

It has been a while since I’ve taken a look at the MistoBox site, and they’ve done some polishing. They recently started offering a new plan called “One” which gets you 1 bag of coffee per-delivery (instead of the usual 3 options, but in smaller bags). In fact, it looks like their entire model is