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Bulletproof Coffee

So I have been doing the Keto diet now for over a year. If you are not familiar with it, it’s another one of those low-carb diets but in this case you focus on high fat foods. One of the things I’ve learned to love is bulletproof coffee. Now I understand some company has trademarked

Maverick Coffee in Scottsdale

Maverick Coffee, the new coffee shop from two Olympic athletes, is now open. Maverick Coffee is a new independent coffee house that is serving Ritual Coffee beans (a popular roaster in San Francisco). The new shop features a pretty big interior layout, and sports lots of comfortable couches. My wife and I, along with our

Maverick Coffee opens in Scottsdale

Update: Check out more photos of Maverick Coffee. Just opened in Scottsdale — Maverick Coffee. Founded by two Olympian athletes, the new Maverick Coffee is serving coffee from Ritual Roasters out of San Francisco, CA. Maverick Coffee is the creation from Steven Lewis and Mitchell Watt, two Olympic athletes from opposite sides of the World