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Cultured is a modern coffeehouse located in Flagstaff, AZ. The coffee company was founded by two bicyclists who met while riding across the country. Inside there are beautifully painted murals depicting the beautiful birch trees of Flagstaff and bicycling. It’s very pretty, and gives significant life to the walls. I ordered the Nitro cold brew

Press Coffee in Scottsdale

Press Coffee at Scottsdale Quarter continues to be one of my most frequent stops for coffee. Perhaps because it is only five minutes drive from my home, but also because it’s one of the best coffee shops in the state. They sell coffee and espresso drinks, tea, and food. They have an amazingly friendly staff.

Nitro Coffee in AZ

Nitro coffee is the newest trend in coffee drinks, and it’s hitting the valley this year. It’s so popular, even Buzz Feed did an article about it. I have a sense that Nitro will remain an exclusive drink in the valley. I’ve asked a few coffee shops if they’ll be serving Nitro, and several either didn’t

Nitro from Peixoto Coffee

Nitro coffee has been around a year or so in Phoenix. Suddenly it is popular again, and it seems every shop is getting on the bandwagon. Drinking a nitro cold brew is a bit like drinking a beer, but without the hops. I had a nitro at Peixoto Coffee on Saturday morning and it was