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Presta Coffee: Barista Olympics

Perry Czopp sent me the following announcement about an upcoming event being held at Presta Coffee in Tucson. Presta is turning 1! In celebration of the milestone we are inviting everyone to participate in the Barista Olympic Games. There will be 6 competitions encompassing skills required of coffee nerds. We are working with some great

Presta Coffee: Grand Opening in Tucson

Presta Coffee has announced the grand opening of their new location in Tucson, AZ. The new store will be located on 1st Ave. just north of Grant Rd. Presta Coffee already has coffee at one Tucson coffee shop, that being Stella Java. The owner, Curtis Zimmerman, did an interview with Tucson Foodie and told a bit

Coffee Cocktail

Perry Czopp emailed me a couple of photos from the PHX Cocktails event he organized. The event was held last week in Phoenix at the Phoenix Public Market, and featured a half dozen local coffee companies. Each company prepared a unique cocktail drink, that had coffee as the “secret ingredient.” Speaking of secret ingredients, who

Event: December 21st Coffee Cocktail Competition

There’s an upcoming event I’d like to share that is being organized by Mr. Perry Czopp. The event is to be held on December 21, 2014 at Phoenix Public Market in Phoenix, AZ in the evening beginning at 5 pm. The format for this event is different from most of the coffee events held here