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Starbucks Named Best Coffee Shop by Readers of a Popular Arizona Newspaper

The azcentral.com readers choice for “best coffee shop” has been decided and Starbucks takes first prize! 1st place: Starbucks 2nd place: Dutch Bros 3rd Place: Dunkin’ Donuts There were several excellent local coffee shops on the list that people could have chosen, including Cartel Coffee Lab, Sip Coffee, Songbird, Coffee Rush, and Elevate Coffee. It seems

Starbucks In Their Place

Ron Cortez passed along this interesting article which suggests that Starbucks no longer gives small coffee shops the jitters. I would agree. In talking with coffee house owners around Arizona, most don’t fear Starbucks (or never did). It’s obviously a different story if a Starbucks were to move into your retail complex. But that rarely