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Sponsor: The Coffee Trafficker

I am pleased to have a returning sponsor this fall. If you are interested in starting a coffee shop or already have a coffee business and want to do more, contact The Coffee Trafficker Advisors. Led by Tom Maegdlin, an experienced coffee advisor with operations in Phoenix and Chicago. Tom operates his own coffee roasting

The Coffee Trafficker

I’m welcoming a new sponsor on Arizona Coffee today: The Coffee Trafficker. This is the consulting side of Tom Maegdlin’s business. Tom is the founder of Hansa Coffee Roasters in Libertyville, IL. At one point, Tom was a local barista / store manager for a coffee shop here in Phoenix. I asked Tom to provide a little

A few questions with Tom Maegdlin

On Friday I asked Tom Maegdlin a few questions. He is a barista and coffee roaster at Press Coffee. You can watch the video below. Tom is on Twitter, contributes to the Phoenix Coffee Blog, and also writes about coffee on his own blog.