I don’t know very much about tea, but I know there are several tea houses in Phoenix and several coffee shops that also try to serve tea. As such, I thought it would be important to feature this video which helps to explain the variations in tea and shows several examples of quality tea from Upton.

Video by Christopher Masto of New York. Watch more of his videos here.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. I prefer tea to coffee, but most coffee houses, here and elsewhere, don’t handle tea very well. A few show promise: Copper Star uses top-quality Harney tea sachets, and Lux actually brews loose tea for some herbal blends.

    The best place for a quick pot of tea without a drawn out frou-frou tea service is a new place that just opened in Tempe Marketplace. It’s called Tea Infusion, and it offers about 80 teas, all of which can be served hot or iced. It’s a great shop in an otherwise tacky shopping center.