I’ve heard from two people recently who wanted me to know about That Coffee Place, in Sierra Vista. I’ve also heard from the owner, David Cromwell, and he has expressed interest in learning more about the coffee scene in Arizona.

Chris Babbie (also known as Psyd on this site) sent in these photos of the shop, thanks to to him for taking the photos.

that coffee place sierra vista

that coffee place sierra vista

that coffee place sierra vista

Another reader, Amanda, described the espresso as “awesome” and “the best espresso.”

That Coffee Place
2200 El Mercado Loop
Space #5549
Sierra Vista, AZ 85635

Arizona Coffee

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  1. AZBarista

    It looks like it’s in a retail setting, do they ever experience problems with the one group setting (a la Cartel circa 2008)?

  2. Psyd

    It is a one group, but it’s the spare for their two group. The deuce needed some regular maintenance (if memory serves) and was out for a short while. And they made a point of pointing that out.
    Nice folk, real coffee people running the shop, *not* some ‘monkey pushes the button’ set up.

  3. AZBarista

    Thanks for it, Chris.

    Glad to hear they’re doing it for reals. I remember walking into a coffee shop in North Phoenix, seeing an e61 grouphead, and getting moist. Then, I was absolutely depressed when my espresso came out of an all purpose push button cleverly concealed out of view…

  4. Dave

    The two group will be back next week—–Thank God. Yes, the one group lags at times but the coffee it produces is wonderful!! Come on down some time…

  5. Psyd

    Well, the two-group wasn’t quite done yet, but the Black Cat had arrived! Could be that the Cat will be taking up residence in SV for the foreseeable future?

  6. Psyd

    Well, David just wrote and told me that the Mall has just priced him out of the place, so he’s taken his machines home to recuperate, re-arm, and get ready for another venture soon.
    Sad news, as I’ve just been offered a two week video/film shoot in that neck o’ the woods.