I saw some coffee sleeves over at The Village Coffee Roastery that had advertisements on them. My curiosity was piqued and I found the source!

A company called BriteVision is apparently doing some really neat things with coffee sleeves.

  1. You can get free sleeves for your coffee shop with advertisements printed on them
  2. You can get customized sleeves with whatever artwork you want, such as your branding
  3. Or, get a variety of sleeves printed with artwork from famous artists

Great business idea! Great execution.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. A better alternative to sleeves is a double insulated cup like the k2 from Insulair. Cool to the touch even when filled with boiling water. Sleeves do nothing to help keep your coffee hot. Another problem with sleeves is you have only the small area of the sleeve to grab the cup by and they are always slipping down to the bottom or falling off. Insulated cups may cost a bit more than cheap hot cups but once you figure in the price of those worthless sleeves it’s a wash. Show your customers you care! And you can get your cups custom printed too!

  2. :imwithlarry: but if a shop MUST use sleeves, this is pretty nifty, especially for a shop struggling financially… free sleeves!

  3. Coffee Bean used the BriteVision sleeves for awhile. They don’t fit on the cups well so exercise caution when using these in your shop. The Coffee Plantation is currently using the Insulair cups in store and they are fantastic!