It’s time for The Coffee and Tea Festival. This is my first time hosting the festival as it is normally hosted by Jason at A Thought Over Coffee. He asked me to host this weeks festival. If you have anything you would like to have featured in the next edition of this festival, please submit them using this handy form.

Confessions of a Coffee Addict is a rather curious read on the Unleash Your Potential web site. One of the key observations is that coffee is a social activity, and often times a trip to the coffee house includes taking a friend.

What’s in your Water? An in depth look at the water we drink by John Buehler on his blog called Rebuilding Eden.

“Russian Tea” Time is a tea recipe for those crisp fall days when a cup of tea sounds so good. On The Common Room blog.

Kathy Maister presents Coffee Makers in Hotel Rooms posted at Kathy Maister’s StartCooking. I found this blog to be very interesting, including a brief article about how to make coffee using a french press.

That concludes this week’s edition of the Coffee and Tea Festival. Thanks!

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Thanks for the kind mention! I have just added a brief video on how to use a French Press which your readers may enjoy. Just click the egg on the top left hand corner of my blog and you’ll be taken there!

  2. Thanks for including my post this week. I really love your blog. (It’s devoted to one of my favorite topics.

  3. Missy

    I came across the festival ( not sure exactly how?) , but really enjoyed it!
    I will continue to visit. Thanks