Matthew Frederick wrote:

I think it would be great if you’d add The Coffee Lady to your list of coffee shops. The staff are great, the drinks and food are always tasty, and they’ve got free WiFi. They’re at 3933 East Indian School in Phoenix, and their website is

From the web site:

Marie Turano entered the coffee business in 1994 with a cart and espresso machine at Lindstrom Auto Wash (33rd Street and Indian School Rd.) In 1997 she created Java Garden at 40th Street and Campbell, where she enjoyed serving coffee and muffins “in the garden”, 364 mornings a year. In 2003, Marie retired — for 6 weeks, and at the age of 65 she opened Coffee Lady Espresso Café. She is still “perking right along” at 69 years of age and loving life.

Coffee Lady Espresso Café
3933 East Indian School Road
Phoenix, AZ 85018

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  1. Brian

    Marie has been serving great espresso drinks since her first shop at that car wash. Still uses the same coffee today. Passport Coffee. A local roaster. Well worth the visit.

  2. Sandra MacDonald

    Marie’s coffee is almost as wonderful as she is!

  3. Kathie

    The Coffee Lady Espresso Cafe is my “Cheers” place where everybody knows your name. In addition to the wonderful coffee, it’s a perfect place to meet friends.