The Daily Grind in Phoenix is at the base of the Phelps Dodge building. I visited recently while meeting with some friends. It’s the first shop I’ve seen a red La Marzocco espresso machine at in quite a while, and I wondered if they had bought it from Inza Coffee (which went out of business several years ago).

Parking was easy, there are several streets nearby with meters. The staff were very friendly and the chairs and atmosphere were very comfortable. I don’t know who roasts their coffee, but they use Monin syrups.

The Daily Grind
My cappuccino wasn’t much to write home about. I’m not a big fan of foam this way (although, I understand some people are). I’m way more into frothy drinks that make me want to give the barista a huge hug.

The Daily Grind
Very nice exterior at the base of the Phelps Dodge building. Could be a good place to hang out in wintertime.

The Daily Grind
Ordering counter.

The Daily Grind
Seating area.

The Daily Grind
Red La Marzocco espresso machine.

The Daily Grind
Another view of the ordering counter. They use lots of red on the inside, but it works.

The Daily Grind
A wide angle view.

The Daily Grind
My breakfast sandwich.

The Daily Grind
Phelps Dodge Building
1 N. Central Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85004
Phone: (602) 252-2737

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  1. Jonathan Cooke

    Nice place! I visited a week ago. Thanks for the nice pictures.
    Did they purchase La Marzocco from Inza? Where you able to find out? Small world.

  2. Jerrid

    The machine was actually left by the previous tenant which was a Seattle’s Best Coffee (Pre-Starbucks takeover). You can still see all the red and the SBC neon mug in the picture. Inza Coffee was also a former Seattle’s Best which is probably where there La Marzocco came from as well.

  3. That Linea takes me back to the four-group days of my (misspent) youth in Marina del Rey. “Before the dark times… before the Empire. “

  4. Ah yes, I thought that name sounded familiar. I used to service their stuff when they were using Royal Cup Coffee for their drip. From the looks of the Bunn MHG grinder it appears as they have upgraded.

  5. Thanks for all of the good feedback, everyone! I appreciate all of your comments.

  6. Travis

    Long time customer here.. I’ve always had great service, excellent drinks and their pastries are fantastic. Would like to see more extended hours. Nice to see them featured on your site!