There is a Dutch Brothers within walking distance of my office and it has always intrigued me.

About once a month I walk over there and get something and I’ve noticed a few things I decided to share. I call these the Dutch Bros. Secrets:

  1. The baristas are always very friendly. So much so that you would think they’re drinking Red Bull all day long.
  2. They give out punch cards religiously. They ask you if you brought yours, and if you didn’t they give you a new one.
  3. They greet you like an old customer… they might not remember you but they treat you as a regular.
  4. They provide positive reinforcement. No matter what I order, they make me feel like I made a REALLY good choice. I don’t know of ANY other coffee shops doing this in Phoenix. When I order something they tell me I am winning. I believe this is their strongest secret.
  5. Their slogan is: Love All, Serve All.

While you may not agree with their focus on sugary drinks, you have to agree they are doing a fantastic job with friendly service.

Here’s an interesting video some fans made so you can get the feel of a Dutch Bros.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. I must agree, for the 5 reasons you mentioned above, Dutch Bros. is awesome. Joanna, my wife, loves coffee at Dutch Bros. I don’t, but I’m sure glad we have choices. Come to think of it the Almond Joy drink is pretty good.

  2. When i first went to Dutch Bros., in a hurry, in the neighborhood, and somewhat desperate, I didn’t expect much. I just wanted some freaking coffee. Now.

    So I roll up to the window. The two baristas were super friendly, dancing around the small space to whatever music they felt like playing. They don’t seem to expect tips, so are pretty grateful when they get them.

    The menu was very affordable and diverse. I think they even have a hemp milk option for those who nay-say the cow and soy varieties. They also had several sugarfree syrup options (I’m very stingy about my carbs).
    Yes, I drove away happy. And I’ve had consistent experiences ever since.

  3. I am absolutely sorry if I offended you, actually I hate spammers myself as well but I havent blasted your website with irrelevat links or posts.
    Actually I am adding intersting comments I think and adding value to the website.

  4. Wow! I have never seen a blog owner get so upset about a comment that actually added something to their post.=) Is there something wrong with having a link back to an applicapable website or are you going to accuse me of promiting

    While you are getting upset at me for don’t forget to chew out and to because according to your flame we all are “spammers”=).

  5. I don’t have a problem with people promoting their own stuff or even the stuff of other people. I do have a problem with some random bloke from India pretending he’s a regular of Dutch Bros, which I’m pretty sure he isn’t. Plus, if he was in Phoenix he probably would have said so in his reply.

    I haven’t read much on the Ludwig von Mises Institute site but I have a friend that reads it a lot. It looks pretty cool.

  6. Chris,

    Is that your cat? That expression forced tears from my eyes from laughter. Seriously: indeed.

  7. No, it isn’t my cat. But he’s awesome, isn’t he?

  8. When Chris pulls that Cat out, he means business………..I know from experience.

  9. Yikes! This there internet thingy is way too complicated for this caffeine addict! However, the actual blog and legit comments have piqued my curiosity, and I plan to check out Dutch Bros. soon.

  10. I tried Dutch Bros for a while, and was blown away by their service~ upbeat, fun, lively, etc.
    However, last time I went to a Dutch Bros (the one just north of the older Lola) I took 4 friends. I was telling them how great the service was (and it was again) but somehow, there was some crazy bitter, under-roasted variation in the espresso roast and I don’t think any of us finished our beverage. but… besides that Dutch Bros, i’ve never had a bad experience when looking for a ‘starbucks-grade’ drink.
    The Dutch Bros on the east side of Arizona State Tempe gives double-punches on Tuesdays. not sure if they all do that or just the one.

  11. deelirium

    The DB at Mill and Southern also do double punch Tuesdays. Makes my day!!

  12. Brittney

    Hope I don’t get crucified by anything you may find on me in an internet stalk… I just wanted to say that I tried Dutch Bros on my way to work today for the first time and I loved the people, loved the music and the coffee is delicious. My dad roasts his own beans and you always get a more hand-crafted, robust product that way. Mmmm. Thank you, Dutch Bros.

  13. jkirby

    They are awesome because their from Oregon and everything here is awesome and you won’t find a friendlier group of people. Keep Portland Weird!!!