Mona writes:

You need to add “The Grind” on Baseline and Stapley. They make the best soy lattes and cappucinos I’ve ever had. The foam is amazing! Free WiFI too and super comfy chairs. The decor is beautiful! They also have a drive thru.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. I will have to stop by there. Where exactly is it. I was looking for a place the other day and I am always up for testing a cappuccino.

  2. Luz

    It’s called “It’s A Grind”. It’s on the southwest corner, close to Jason’s Deli. I’ve been there a few times and they have lovely decor and cushy chairs. However, my coffee experiences have been hit-or-miss. (My last cappuccino was made from over-extracted espresso.) It’s good, but far from amazing.

  3. Michelle

    My friend is playing there tonight!!