It appears that the Italian’s, bless their hearts, are working on a national certificate program for espresso drinks.

Italy aims to standardise the perfect espresso

Some of the criteria for espresso:

  • The colour of an espresso, for example, must be “of a hazelnut hue with ornate flourishes of red and a smokiness that creates a uniform tiger-stripe pattern”.
  • [t]he “crema”, which sits on top, must be like a “tight sweater, with very fine bubbles, if at all, and of a height of between two and four millimetres”.
  • [t]he cream must “remain for a long time on the surface of the liquid without breaking, and without holes opening in its centre. At the end of the coffee, it should form a crown around the rim of the cup”.

Some of the criteria for cappuccinos:

  • [t]he perfect cappuccino should have 25ml of espresso and 125ml of steamed milk.
  • The froth should be white, and speckled with chocolate and optional hazelnut.
  • It should have hints of dried fruit, toasted cereal and caramel, while the body of the drink should have an “almost imperceptible acidity”.


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