The latte printer. Coming soon from HP. Actually, it’s made by a company called OnLatte, Inc. and the product is for sale. According to their web site they have sold 228 of them.

Can you really call it latte art when it’s done by a printer? And seriously, what’s wrong with a rosetta?

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Tom Maegdlin

    I scoff at such a charade. Listen closely as I scoff. I declare a coffee-jihad on such a perverse and gross abuse of ‘spro. How dare you sir. How dare you.

    I can see the commercial potential though.
    “Your latte, brought to you by”

  2. Hehe, yeah, it’s pretty perverse. So many problems and not enough time to list.

  3. It’s a cute engineering exercise, but a complete coffee fail.
    Lemme ‘splain. No, there is no time, lemme sum up:
    1. If any barista let my drink sit for that long after it was done, I’d have to kick him in the kootch.
    2. For two bucks, you can get a stencil made, and get the same (or similar effect) by dusting the top of a cappa with chocolate.
    3. Real baristi pour art.

  4. Bruce

    Yuck, but thanks for the info!