Awhile back I received an email from Sonja Haller at The Arizona Republic asking me about local coffee shops. She asked me to name the best ones that had free wireless internet, and to give a few names from all over the valley. Thanks to Inza Coffee for emailing me the link to the article. I likely would have missed it.

Inza Coffee

Location: 8658 E. Shea Blvd., Scottsdale.

The Scene: A large, windowed space with a cheery interior and bright-red walls. It’s known for its lattes and latte art – that’s the foam design on the top of the drink. The cafe also offers jazz, folk guitar and the tango as nightly entertainment.

The Brew & Chew: The signature coffee is Colombian, but brews from Peru, Argentina and Brazil are available. An organic selection of whole-leaf teas, ciders, chais and imported sodas as well as “frios,” or iced frappe beverages, are available.

Cabin Coffee Espresso

Location: 6525 W. Happy Valley Road, No. C104, Glendale.

The Scene: A cabin-esque interior with a fireplace bordered by cozy leather ottoman chairs.

The Brew & Chew: It grinds per shot and uses Rocket Coffee Roasters as the main brew. Latte art is a great touch. The mozzarella sandwich with fresh ingredients, a side salad with vinaigrette dressing, two green olives and a pepperoncini receives high marks.

Copper Star Coffee

Location: 4220 N. Seventh Ave., Phoenix.

The Scene: Cute, quaint, hip. This refurbished 1940s gas station is comfortable and bright.

The Brew & Chew: Copper Star bakes in-house, so its baked goods, including frosted cupcakes, are fresh and gooey. Locally roasted coffee is considered top-notch. Try the peach latte or the Ghirardelli mocha.

Cave Creek Coffee Co.

Location: 6033 E. Cave Creek Road.

The Scene: A large front porch decorated like an Old West home with rocking chairs. The inside is comfy with large ottoman chairs, and the walls are painted rich, warm colors.

The Brew & Chew: Coffee beans are roasted on the premises, and locals rave about the cappuccinos. One reviewer said the Mexican Spiced Mocha is intense and sophisticated. A wine bar is next door.

Lux Coffeebar

Location 4404 N. Central Ave., No. 1, Phoenix.

The Scene: This coffeehouse has white leather furniture and has been called über-trendy, attracting artists.

The Brew & Chew: Check out the Dr. Lux, which is a combination of Dr Pepper, espresso shots and whipped cream. Baristas have a talent for latte art and serve a good espresso shot.

Mountain View Coffee Co.

Location: 12645 N. Saguaro Blvd., Fountain Hills.

The Scene: Windows everywhere offer a prime view of the town’s signature fountain. Custom-made paintings of women dancing and drinking coffee adorn the dark-red, purple and black walls.

The Brew & Chew: The menu features more than 20 types of coffee and more than 20 specialty drinks. Mountain View loyalists recommend the Bailey’s Blast, made with Irish cream flavoring, hazelnut and whip cream. Fresh pastries are delivered from the coffee shop’s sister bakery in Scottsdale.

Soma Cafe

Location: 10810 N. Tatum Blvd., Phoenix.

The Scene: Upbeat with a big flat-screen television and decorated in classic coffeehouse rich colors and soft lighting.

The Brew & Chew: Soma’s partnership with Tully’s, a premium coffeehouse, means the coffee is good, but the real distinction is the healthful food – banana-oat, flaxseed pancakes, homemade granola and grilled salmon on flatbread.

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  1. 1- The Copper Star part should be in bold italics.

    2- Tully’s is not a premium coffee house. They’re a Starbucks image, very common in Seattle.

  2. Hey! No problemo! I mean, “No hay problema!” Jajaja!

    Anything We (as local coffee houses) can do to achieve our goals against corporations it’s a BIG PLUS!
    Thanks, and thanks to all those out there doing their best in the name of COFFEE!

    The INZA Coffee Family

  3. It would be useful to have some some “geek specs” on various wi-fi cafes. For example, my one time at Lux I could only find one area with accessible A/C outlets; if your laptop battery is fading, you need to huddle around a table in the back of the shop.

    Inza fares better on that score, though even there the outlet availability can be a problem.

  4. James, I’m working on a post just like that in fact. It’s called “Best Places To Get Work Done” and includes a few restaurants (Wildflower for one). That’s hopefully coming in August, but no guarantee.

    Of course, you can always ask me (lol)

  5. Ben

    Mountain View Coffee Co. needs to get rid of their TV before I’ll go regularly. TV’s don’t belong in Coffee shops. Otherwise Mountain View Coffee Co. is good.

    Only if half of their customers watched TV would it be worth it to have a TV. That’s because while TV is a benefit for those who watch TV, it’s a distraction for those who don’t.

  6. Ben,

    We recently conducted a personal opinion survey regarding whether or not we should keep our television set. Our customers have responded in overwhelming favor for the television and we see fit to keep it.

    We appreciate your feedback and do hope that you patronize our business in the future.