Frankly this study makes no sense. I think it’s silly and probably ignores the huge number of independent coffee houses across the country. Nevertheless, I’m happy to report that among all of the “Red” states, Arizona leads the pack in number of coffee shops (probably counting only Starbucks stores).

For the full scoop look to Media Matters and watch the video clip and read the article.

Ifill said “there are nearly 4,800 Starbucks coffee shops in Blue States, but only 3,200 in Red States,” giving “Democratic coffee drinkers nearly twice as many chances to snag a Frappuccino than Republicans get” on a per-capita basis. Finally, Ifill noted that, per capita, Arizona is the “Red State with the most coffee shops,” and speculated: “Maybe that explains [Sen.] John McCain [R-AZ].”

Arizona Coffee

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  1. My impression from living in Arizona as well as reading alot of Arizona history and literature is that at least since territorial times the population of Arizona has always drunk alot of coffee. The only major exception would be the Mormon population. But, everybody else likes coffee. My home town of Arivaca is quite small, but the local coffee shop, Aribac Cafe, does good business. They are always busy on weekends.

  2. Arivaca? Holy smokes, that town is actually about the same size of my hometown – San Manuel! I think everyone made their coffee where I grew up though. 🙂

  3. Hi guys, I’ve never been to Arivaca but I had to look it up on the map. So Otto, is Aribac Cafe the same as Gadsden Coffee? They’re local to Arivaca as well. I ask because I don’t have Aribac Cafe on my list. Is it a place I should add?

  4. I love how everything is polictized (is that a word?) bold

  5. Gadsen coffee and Aribac Cafe are the same operation. They are owned by Tom Shook.