I had a Spanish Latte at La Grande Orange this morning and man was it good! I asked the barista what makes it “Spanish” and whether they’re importing them legally and the woman said that it’s a combination of sweetened condensed milk and whole milk. And I said: “Is that legal?” and she said “we’re not sure.”

Actually, all of the funny parts never happened but it made for a good story. Whether you choose to believe anything I say from this point forward is entirely up to you.

What’s good about the Spanish Latte:

  • Light sweet flavor without tasting like sugar. In other words, if you can’t stand all of the sugar in drinks today, try this.
  • It isn’t fancy. Either you get a single shot or a double. No other options.
  • Good to the last drop. Wasn’t that a slogan somewhere?

Highly recommended!

Update: This drink is now called the Havana Latte.

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  1. Here, in certain parts of Spain you can ask for a “bon-bon”, which will get you about 1/3 oz of condensed milk and a shot of espresso…

    I imagine that is what this is modelled after!

  2. Mike, oh interesting. I wonder what would happen if I asked for that. Thanks for stopping by.

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  7. Too much

    There are 982 calories and 27 grams of fat in one cup of condensed milk. If it were me I’d rather have the two big macs that its worth than the latte.

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  9. Myrna

    Had one today, great taste with a touch of sweetness, even made with skim milk.