Just received this email… from a guy named Chris:

Hey, the other day I was driving a truck through Phoenix, and I wanted to stop somewhere and have lunch with a couple a friends. The sent me to Ra, in the Awatukee (sp?) mall. Oh well, one meal in a mall in a Ra, I could do it. While I waited, I saw ‘Coffee Society’, a coffehouse and hookah bar, across the entrance to the theatre. “What the heck!”, I decided to have a dopio.
“Couldn’t be worse than Starbucks!”

After I ordered, I heard a sound I only hear in my kitchen, and in the best of coffeehouses. Coffee being ground to order. And the dopi was great! This lil joint is a jewel amongst swine. I’ve never had coffee of this calibre in a strip mall before! Check it out.

I will have to go and check it out! Thanks Chris!

Arizona Coffee

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