From the article below (from the Arizona Republic) I spot three new franchises opening locations in Surprise.

  1. Bad Ass Coffee
  2. Naked Beans Espresso
  3. Saguaro Coffee Company

Surprise soon will get its first Starbucks Coffee drive-through, the city’s fifth franchise location.

The building at Grand Avenue and Reems Road is complete, with only inside renovations left before opening within the next two weeks, according to the company.

The location along with Naked Beans Espresso are two of the city’s first planned drive-through specialty coffee joints, a trend that not long ago exploded in popularity across the Pacific Northwest, said Naked Beans co-founder David Farago.

“They’re huge up there. One’s on every corner,” he said.

Farago’s wife, Shea, hails from Oregon, where he said competing coffee drive-throughs operate across the street from each other and still do well.

A few other coffee outlets, including the Bad Ass Coffee Company and Saguaro Coffee Company, also recently announced plans to build in Surprise.

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