I received an email from Rebecca Clark this morning letting me know about Three Roots Coffee House in Tempe.

I just recently came across your site–it’s always nice to find a new coffee addict! As a Seattle transplant and espresso snob, I’m always looking for new places to try out (Lux was a nice discovery about a year ago).

I have at least one addition to make to your database: 3 Roots Coffee, which is located next to the Mat Corner at 1020 S. Mill Ave. in the Tempe area. They have WiFi, artwork, some reasonably good espresso, and lots of nice snacks.

Thanks Rebecca!

Phoenix New Times wrote a brief review two years ago and even an announcement when they opened in 2003.

Three Roots Coffee House
1020 South Mill Avenue, Tempe
(480) 966-4949
Directions: It’s just south of 10th Street on the west side of Mill Ave.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Jerrod

    3 Roots is amazing. Great drinks, food and staff. Great place to study or listen to live music. I can’t say enough things about this place.

  2. travelinzoo

    Great veggie and vegan breakfasts too!

  3. Ruth

    Bad coffee, lame people.

  4. Eha

    I think the “new” and improved Three Roots is amazing!! Those new employees worked their butts off cleaning up the place while they were closed and I am impressed! The new Barista’s passion for creating a much more friendly atmosphere definitely shines in each of their smiles!! The love for Three Roots has been proven and it’s even clean and greener inside now than ever before!! Great service, great coffee, AMAZING vegan foods, and definitely some hotties working behind that counter!! They just need to get to work on those pastries and paying their employees and the place will be spectacular!! I say give em’ one more chance and you should be happily surprised at the renewed spirit inside those doors!