We haven’t had a barista throwdown in a while, but it sounds like a couple of people are planning one in September. Perry Czopp, a barista at Urban Beans, is organizing a sprodown / latte art contest to be held at Terra Java.

Perry writes:

Thanks for your interest in this public event. It will be held at Terra Java on 38th St. and Indian School on September 14. Beginning at 5pm there will be a sprodown. A sprodown is a competition to see which barista pulls the best espresso. This requires bringing your own coffee and speaking about it in front of the judges for 2-5 minutes. If any baristas are interested please contact Perry@thecoffeechop.com. I am looking for 4 or 6 baristas to sprodown and there is no fee to compete in this event.

From 6pm-7pm there will be a warm up round for latte art competitors to practice on the machine. For latte art competitors the entrance fee is $5. There will be a first heat where each competitor will have 3 minutes to pour and the top 8 pours will move on to a head to head match. There will be prizes for the top two baristas of each competition.

There will be a flyer soon to follow. Most importantly of all is the goal of this event which is to bring the phoenix coffee industry together, unified to raise the standards and have fun!!

Please let me know if there are any other questions!

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