I found this video today showing someone roasting coffee on the stovetop.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. WOW! He’s like a “super fast ninja” roaster!

  2. I know. It’s just like watching This Old House. Any project is possible when it’s done in an hour.

  3. That’s pretty cool.. Should I write an article on home-roasting? Larry, I think that might be more your turf.

    How about proper espresso extraction? Latte art? I have no idea what the audience of this site is like. Someone throw me a bone, here.

  4. Karen

    Maybe you guys should start a rating system for your experiences at all these coffee places. Try the same drink in each place…rate it…and try one of their specialty drinks that you might not see elsewhere…and rate it.

  5. I like Karen’s idea. The best drink to rate an establishment’s worth on is a traditional 5-6oz. cappuccino.

    The espresso punches through quite well, so it’s easy enough to determine if the shot was great or just awful. The milk texturing also plays a star roll in the beverage.

    If you get a good (honestly good.. ) cappuccino somewhere, the odds are that anything else will be good too.

  6. Jason, I wonder if I should put a post on the homepage asking everyone to introduce themselves so we have a better idea of the audience.