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  1. Michael T

    Over here in Scottsdale, I’m predicting mass hysteria.

  2. Josh

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  3. If I owned a coffee shop, I’d stand outside the closest Starbucks and hand out coupons or something to my shop.

  4. If I was a coffee shop owner I will think of a way to talk to all my customers, a good web page baked up by a monthly newsletter could be a start. Then I can tell all of them that I have something different but perceivable better than starbucks.

  5. hb

    “For those of you who are completely caffeine deprived, Dunkin’ Donuts will “ensure that no coffee lover is denied a delicious espresso-based beverage,” offering lattes, cappucinos and espressos for $0.99 between 1pm and 10pm today”.
    That’s a good idea…
    I never been to a DD for coffee.

  6. Michael T

    I wouldn’t even pay $.99 for a Dunkin’ Donuts cappuccino.

    I’ll recommend going over to the Counter in Kierland if you’re looking for cheap coffee. 25 cents. And not a planet-eating corporation.

  7. They should have started the promotion in the morning. Donuts sound really good.

  8. hb

    mmm donuts…
    I was saying that’s the promotion they are running, I rather support a local coffee house.

  9. Pierce/Bear

    Reading and hearing on the evening news about Starbucks shutting down ALL of its stores concurrently for over 3 hours signals something much deeper than just retraining its baristi.

    Almost as if Starbucks may be in some real trouble.

  10. Michael T

    …or looking to get some attention. I don’t expect that Starbucks will be in major trouble unless:

    A) It takes a major image hit – like a food poisoning scare,
    B) It makes a major financial blunder, like opening 200 stores in Kenya,
    or C) recession gets worse, i.e. people wake up, and realize that a cup of ice, sugar, and “whipped” “cream” isn’t worth $5.