Which flavored syrups are the best? Torani, Monin or another brand? Which one should I buy? I know of two companies that produce flavored syrups, and I see local shops with each. I often wonder which is best, and if there are any inherent differences?

Where’s the best place to buy syrup in town? I know I can buy it at Cost Plus, but who else stocks it?

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  1. Chris, give either Bill or Ray at Red Rocks Foods a call. They also stock Da Vinci and Arista syrups.


    I think you might remember meeting them at the Rocket Coffee Roasters party.

  2. Austin

    We use Monin. Monin has much simpler ingredients like cane sugar and fruit extracts. Torani has the more common ingredients found in high production foods like corn syrup which makes a big difference in the texture. Unfortunately Monin is significantly more expensive and for some of the berry flavors can cause steamed milk to curdle.

  3. I agree Austin. Natural flavoring is proper in my opinion. Monin and 1883 are two of the best on the market.

  4. MikeFTrevino

    Berry and citrus flavorings can cause curdling in all syrups from my experience. If it is a coffee or espresso drink dilute the syrup in the coffee. That should keep the milk from curdling. I’m sure you guys already knew this, but you’d be surprised how few baristi I’ve worked with didn’t.

  5. MikeFTrevino

    Opps I mean, how MANY baristi didn’t know. Sorry.

  6. gwen @ royal

    we had the same problem with syrup. try da vinci all natural, it seems to work better. it is also a plus that it has no corn syrup. corn syrup is the devil.

  7. While I admit I have some bias in this, we at Red Rock Foods stock Artista, Da Vinci and Monin. Each works differently. Selecting a syrup or sauce is like picking shoes. No shoe works the same on all feet.

    Anyone is welcome to pay us a visit. We’ll gladly demo various flavors and so on. Go with what you like. Taste is highly individual.


  8. Hi Bill and Gwen, yeah, I can’t believe I forgot to mention Da Vinci. I even have a bottle thanks to you, Bill. I need to go and get me some supplies so I can finish it off!

  9. If you are having issues with your drinks curdling, try Artista Gourmet syrup, it wont curdle milk. It’s available through Red Rock Foods in Tempe.

  10. Josh

    Torani contains almost exactly the same ingredients as Monin. The first ingredients in each are pure cane sugar and water.